12 Months of Fun!

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Document your baby’s first year through photos!

I love watching all of the little one’s in my 12 Months of Fun club grow through my lens each month!!! For only $25 a month you receive 3 images of your child with a different themed setup and a coordinating outfit to go with. Read on to find out more about my club and how you can join too!

The Rundown
Over the course of 12 months, you and your child will visit my studio once a month for a twenty minute mini session. There will be a different theme every month. The themes will vary from Holidays such as Christmas, or Easter to just for fun themes, like ‘A Day at the Beach.’ A custom made coordinating outfit will be provided for your child to wear every month, with the exception of their Halloween costume in October and their swimsuit in June. You will be notified if there is anything you need to bring to your session in advance, so that you can have time to prepare.

After your first session, you will receive a link to your gallery through a website called PASS. I try to get all of my club members their galleries back to them within 1 week, however it can be up to 2 weeks during my busy season. The link will remain the same for the whole year for your gallery and I will add 3 images to the gallery every month in different albums labeled for each month, one through twelve.  Please feel free to share the link with friends and family too! And don’t worry, I will re-send you the link each month after your gallery has been hand retouched and edited to perfection.
Invoices are sent out to all 12 MOF club members on the first of every month. Invoices must be paid within 5 days of receipt. On the 20th of each month, I send out an email with details of the upcoming month and I open up my scheduling for the following month to all members. You can then schedule through my scheduling service when it is convenient for you! (Link will be sent in the email each month.) Please try to pay your invoice and schedule your session as soon as possible in order to get as close to your child’s monthly “birthday” date as possible. I currently schedule all club members on Monday mornings, Thursday afternoons, and one weekend morning a month. I do my best to try and accommodate everyone’s schedules, but I am only available for 12MOF sessions on the days/times shown in the scheduling app.
Still Pregnant?
If you are currently expecting and your baby has not arrived yet, you can still join the club! We can send you our contract so that we know around the time to expect you and your baby in the studio for our first session together. This allows me to have time to prepare for a correctly sized outfit for your child. You are not required to pay an invoice until your baby arrives. Your first invoice will be due on the 1st of the month following baby’s arrival. Example: If your baby is born October 16th,  your first invoice would be due November 1st. Your child’s first session would then be scheduled on or near November 16th-their one month “birthday.”
VIP Club
We also have a fun Facebook group where you can get sneak peeks of our monthly themes and outfits and interact with other mom’s too! Plus there’s lots of cute baby pictures too, and who doesn’t love that?!


The first step in joining is to fill out this questionnaire. This will give me information about you and your child so that I can send you the contract to join the club!

The next step is to sign your contract, and if your child has already been born; your first invoice will be sent at the same time as your contract. If you are still expecting, you will only receive the contract for now. Your first invoice will be sent on the 1st of the month following your child’s birth.

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