Hope-Our moving journey part two



On Thursday’s I like to reflect on what I’m thankful for. Today and everyday, I’m thankful for hope. Hope is what we hold onto in so many important times in our life. We hold onto hope when we start to fall in love, and plan a future with someone. We hold on to hope when we are going to have a baby, wether that be through pregnancy, surrogacy or adoption-we hope for a healthy baby, and some of us hope for a boy or a girl. We hold onto hope when we think about our children’s futures. We hold onto hope for that new position at work. A new house. Hope is in our lives every day. Hope gets us through!

With that being said, I am holding on to hope as tight as I can that our new home is going to be worth every second of this long drawn out wait. If anyone would have told my husband and I that having a new home built was going to be soooo stressful, I’m not sure we would have dove in headfirst so quickly. We probably would have continued looking for a home that was already built. I keep holding on to my hope that this will all be worth it in the end, but oh my heck! We are really being tested with this house! My husband and our four children haven’t been living in our own home since the beginning of January. We sold our home in 5 days after listing, and closed on February 10th. We moved from our 2200 sq ft house and into my parents house. 3 kids are sharing a room. My husband and I are using our room (my old room as a kid) as an office/ bedroom/storage/mess. I love having my parents help and being able to see them every day but there’s just too many of us and everyone’s patience has been tested lately. We’ve been going back and forth with our builder on a couple of concerns I mentioned before in part one of our moving journey. The biggest concern being the master bathroom. It was not going to be accessible for me with the way the builder had designed it. Which by the way, was a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT design than what we had been told we were receiving. After many, many, many discussions, they finally agreed to fix the bathroom for us to make it more accessible for me at no cost to us. Great! But we had to put a 5k deposit down just in case we decided to back out after the bathroom renovation had taken place ::insert giant eye roll:: Although we are so incredibly grateful they are doing this for us, it hasn’t come without an immense amount of tears, anger, sleepless nights, thoughts of backing out. Not to mention all of the hoops the builder has made us jump through to get here.  We were told right before Christmas that our new home would be done being built by the end of January. Then we ran into this bathroom problem on January 25th. Apparently when we brought the issue to the builders attention, they stopped ALL construction on our house. Guys. Our house didn’t get worked on for the ENTIRE MONTH of February! WTH! We gave them their deposit they asked for, and then they continued to sit on it and do no work for another week after that! It wasn’t until my husband called and spoke to corporate that we are finally getting somewhere. I only wish we had done it sooner! They are now on target for us to close on March 20th and it can’t get here soon enough!!! I am itching to setup my new studio and stop living out of boxes and clothes baskets. Hope will get me through this because I know it won’t be like this for long. Please send me your good vibes and prayers to get through these last few weeks. I definitely need it!

Here’s some iPhone pics of the bathroom reno! It is changing daily now, thank goodness! Stay tuned for part 3 of our moving journey! I hope this series is only a trilogy, because this Mama cannot handle a part 4!

This is how the bathroom was when we walked in to check on the progress one day. This is the finished design. Super weird, and not accessible.

Demo has begun! The step is removed!!! YAYYYYYY!!!!!

Plumbing is being moved

New wall going up! The start of a new linen closest! So much better than their “dry off” area in the first design.

Drywall and waterboard are up!

Linen Closet

Plaster and texture are on the walls!!! Getting closer!

Double benches! Yesssss

The door to the new linen closet is up!

Shelves are in! Ahhhh!!! So close!


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