As some of you know, I am part of a Photography group that we like to call a “tribe.” Every so often, the tribe sets up stylized shoots with full wardrobe, makeup and hair for models. A group of us photographers get together and shoot just for fun. Our makeup artist for this particular shoot, was also one of our models! This lovely Mama to be is Taryn Conover, the face behind Infinite Artistry Makeup. Taryn is a phenomenal makeup artist and she is an absolute pleasure to work with. Oh yeah, did I mention she’s GORGEOUS?!? Taryn has been a makeup artist and certified Aesthetician for eight years. She has extensive knowledge of her craft. Her style is “a blend of fresh faced beauty with an edge.” If you find yourself in need of a makeup artist for a night on the town or a special event, give Taryn a call! She’s amazing!!! We started our shoot with a little dance party to break the ice. As soon as I put the music on Taryn was game. Her charisma was infectious during this Salt River shootout. It was definitely hot, but the beauty we captured during this shoot was so worth it!

Paradise Valley Newborn PhotographerTaryn is going to be a first time Mommy in July. She and her husband Zachary, are anxiously awaiting the arrival of their baby boy-Ezekiel Reign. Taryn and Zachary met in 2010, when Taryn’s best friend brought Taryn to her church. Taryn and Zachary met and the rest was history! As for Taryn’s best friend…she has a place in this story too! She married Zachary’s best friend AND they just had their first baby, which was also a boy! These two sets of best friends will now be going through the greatest adventure of all together…parenthood!

paradise valley newborn photographer

paradise valley newborn photographer

paradise valley newborn photographer

I have no doubt that these two are going to be amazing parents. When I asked Taryn if there was anything else she wanted to share with me for this blog, she said, “we are so humbled and grateful that God has given us this miracle baby. We are excited beyond words to meet our sweet son!!!” <3 On that note, I can’t wait to meet you either Ezekiel! I am so excited that Taryn and Zachary have chosen me as their Paradise Valley newborn photographer! Stay tuned for Ezekiel’s newborn shoot end of July- beginning of August!


Infinite Artistry Makeup- Taryn Conover

Shoot Styled by Desert Lace Photo

Dress made by: Sew Trendy Accessories

Location: Coons Bluff, AZ.

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There is a lot of planning that goes into a newborn session and I thought it would be fun to talk about all of the behind the scenes work that goes into creating beautiful images of these new tiny people. As one of the only Paradise Valley newborn photographers in Arizona, I have attended many workshops on newborn safety and always practice safe posing techniques. I am a mother of four children who are my world. I treat every baby that comes into my studio, as if it were my own child. The safety of your precious new baby is always my top priority. My ultimate goal is to create a womb-like atmosphere where your baby can sleep peacefully throughout our session.

This image is a pullback of what a typical beanbag setup looks like in my studio.

Paradise Valley Newborn Photographer

#1 I have 3 layers of blankets at all times on my beanbag. The top layer is the only one that shows in my images. Underneath the 3 layers of blankets, there is a large size beanbag. It’s not your typical beanbag from your childhood days, it is a jumbo sized bigger and better version!

#2 Around the beanbag is my backdrop stand. The blankets are clipped onto the backdrop stand to keep that nice and smooth look.

#3 The bottom blanket layer is an electric blanket to keep your little one toasty warm just like they are used to all snuggled up in the womb.

#4 Right in front of the beanbag is my seat. I need to be at the same height as your baby when I am fine tuning all of the little details. From their tiny little fingers to hair on their head. I want everything to be perfect in every image I create.

#5 To my right is my studio light which I use to create the perfect lighting on your baby.

#6 On the ground to my right is a basket of towels. These are used for various reasons. I sometimes use them to prop up your baby into different positions. I use them to put underneath your baby when they don’t have a diaper on and we are in between shots, just in case there’s an accident. I also use them to clean up oopsies (it happens at least once per session! ) The possibilities are endless with these towels! I love ’em!

#7 To my left is my little electric “fireplace” heater. I tell all of my clients to dress in cool clothing, because it gets very warm in my studio. I keep the heater at 79 degrees. The reason I do this, is to keep the baby’s comfortable and sleeping soundly throughout our session. They spend most of their time in my studio naked, so it must be kept warm.

#8 On top of the heater is my Dohm white noise machine. This drowns out any background noise and creates a peaceful womb-like atmosphere.

#9 Also on my left is some seating for parents. I have a rocking chair in the corner of my studio, where my Mom’s usually like to sit and nurse/feed their babies and a cedar chest for additional seating.

#10 Last but certainly not least…in fact it is the most important seat in the house!! Your baby’s seat! This is where your new little bundle will be during the majority of our session.

As I said before, my studio is small, but as you can see-this type of work requires everything to be within arms reach at all times. Which is why my studio is perfect for me 🙂 Of course this is just one side of the studio, there is the other half that has all of my props, blankets, headbands, hats, etc. But that will have to be for another day and another blog! Until then, I hope you enjoyed a closer look behind the scenes of what goes into a newborn session with your favorite Paradise Valley newborn photographer!


Paradise Valley Newborn Photographer

Today, we are going to introduce you to Electa. She is a very special baby to us, because she starred in our very first promotional video for Momabird Photography! Our very own Paradise Valley Newborn Photographer, Jess Wren, invited videographer-Kyndra Hassell to the studio, to film an amazing promo video for us during Electa’s newborn session.  Jess wanted parents to be able to see what a session is like and what to expect before they arrive in the studio. Electa’s family agreed to be in our video and we are so happy they did!

Electa came into the studio at just 5 days new with her Mom, Dad, and big sister, Iris.  I couldn’t have wished for a more beautiful, perfect baby to take part in our video. Once everyone arrived, we quickly began our session, since baby Electa was sound asleep. I swaddled her up and even got lucky enough to capture this sweet smile!  *This is a composite image. I used 2 separate images to create this. Baby was safe and supported at all times. Please don’t try this at home! 😉

Paradise Valley Newborn PhotographerI’m not gonna lie, this Paradise Valley Newborn Photographer was a little nervous to have a camera on me while I was photographing Electa. I’m not used to be IN FRONT of a camera…but it definitely helped that my lovely videographer was so sweet and calm. She was even an extra set of hands to help pass me props and blankets, which was nice 😉

Paradise Valley Newborn Photographer

As a Paradise Valley Newborn Photographer I absolutely love capturing babies with their families. Especially with their new siblings. These sweet sisters are just too precious! Iris will be 2 at the end of April and she seems thrilled to have her very own live baby doll. She was so sweet with Electa and loved wearing her princess flower crown.

Paradise Valley Newborn Photographer

One morning  I was sitting in my studio and had this vision that I knew I needed to re-create. I went to trusty Hobby Lobby and bought these flowers to add to the buckets and my vision came to life as soon as I slipped Electa into the bucket. This was exactly what I had envisioned. A beautiful little baby garden! I am so pleased with how this turned out!

Paradise Valley Newborn Photographer

Paradise Valley Newborn Photographer

Thank you again to the Cluff family for your participation in our promo video! Special thanks to Kyndra Hassell for all of your hard work in making this perfect video come to life! I am so happy with how it turned out <3


If you want to check out, here it is!

Paradise Valley Newborn Photographer

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Elijah-Paradise Valley Newborn Photographer

On February 15th, this Paradise Valley newborn photographer got to do something I have been waiting to do, for what feels like an eternity….I got to take photos of my new sweet little nephew, Elijah! My sister gave birth to this beautiful little boy on February 6th. He had to have an extra long hospital stay due to a bad case of jaundice 🙁 At 9 days new, Mr. Elijah was finally ready for his close up! He was ready to party when we first started. He stared directly into my lens and I grabbed this first shot of him with those big beautiful eyes of his <3 Paradise Valley Newborn Photographer

Once we got him swaddled up, he was down for the count. I even caught a little smile! I wonder what he was dreaming about? I am a Paradise Valley newborn photographer trained in the safety of these tiny little humans. Newborn safety is my number one priority. This cute little potato sack pose was captured with Mom’s (and Dad’s) hands on him at ALL times. This image was achieved through the fine art of composite imaging. It takes two (or more) images and then they are combined to create this final image. A lot of my babies that visit me in my studio, tend to smile when they are in the potato sack pose. I’m not sure if there’s a science to it, but it seems to make them happy 🙂

Paradise Valley Newborn Photographer Words cannot even express how happy I am for my sister and brother in law. This little man is such a blessing and my heart is so full to see them in their most important roles yet… as Mommy and Daddy!

Paradise Valley Newborn Photographer
Paradise Valley Newborn Photographer I had such a fun time capturing my sister’s beautiful family. I can’t wait to watch this little guy grow up through my lens!


To view more photos from this session, check out the slideshow below! Contact your favorite Paradise Valley newborn photographer to book your newborn session!

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I am so, so grateful and humbled each time I am asked by someone to capture an important moment in their life. In September, I was asked to capture a birth. I gave birth to four children of my own and at the time, I had only witnessed my nephew being born in 2012. But its a little bit nerve wracking to be there capturing one of the most intimate and important moments in their life. I agreed to do it, because I felt this unexplainable connection to the Mama and Daddy to be. I first met Chanele and Michael at a shootout back in June. The lovely Chanele was a maternity model for us and boy did she kill it. She rocked that golden glitter gown like a boss!!! Michael even got in on some maternity photo action!
paradise valley maternity photographerparadise valley maternity photographer

Chanele was set to be induced on September 11, 2016. Since we knew (give or take) when baby Bodhi was going to make his grand entrance, we had arranged for me to arrive at 10am the morning of the birth. I was so anxious/nervous/excited that I left my house over an hour early. Ha! I got a coffee from my absolute fave place, Dutch Bros. and a GF banana nut loaf to go with it. Since it was a Sunday morning, I got through the line at Dutch quicker than expected and I was on my way to the hospital. I sent a quick text to Chanele to let her know I was on my way, and off I went. I was literally like a kid on Christmas morning. I was so damn giddy. Like, annoyingly giddy. I arrived to the Phoenix Indian Medical Center suuuper early and I sat in the parking lot and ate my banana loaf waiting for another text from Chanele. The text that would say that they were ready for me to head up to the room.

As I sat waiting, I had so many emotions running through my head. I was nervous that I would miss a key moment in the day or that I wouldn’t capture the day absolutely perfectly. I was thankful. Thankful that my job allows me to connect with people on such a personal level. I had never met Chanele and Michael other than during our shoot, but they felt a connection with me and trusted me to capture this beautiful moment in their life. That is so very special to me, and I truly am honored that they chose me. As I sat there in my car pondering, listening to the Adele’s 25 album blaring in the background…my phone buzzed with a text from Chanele. They had administered the IV of pitocin and she was on her way to babytown! I don’t remember walking up to the room or how I even got up there. I got to the door, took a deep breath and opened it. All my nerves were gone as soon as I walked in. I was welcomed with hugs and introductions to the rally crew that was there to cheer on Chanele. Michael’s Mom, sister, Dad, and Step-Mom were there as well as 3 of Chanele and Michael’s friends. The overall feel of the room was so uplifting and happy. Everyone had a smile on their face and you could feel the amazingly good vibes surround you.

To the right of Chanele’s hospital bed, there was a beautiful memorial table set up for her late mother. Gorgeous sunflowers floated in a bowl of water on top of a purple scarf stretched across the table. On top of the scarf lay beautiful amethyst and quartz stones amidst photos of Chanele’s Mother and Chanele as a baby. It was a beautiful tribute to her. She was very much there with us all in spirit, waiting for Bodhi’s arrival.

We all sat in the room as the hours ticked on, watching contraction after contraction go across the monitor and yet Chanele continued smiling and laughing several hours into her labor. I was amazed at her strength. She would barely flinch at the mountainous peaks that were showing up on her contraction monitor. Everyone sat in the room talking and visiting with each other. Chanele and Michael even played around on snapchat for a while. You could feel the anticipation in the room as the hours went on.

After several hours of labor, Chanele finally started feeling strong contractions. There was almost no break in between them. They were slamming her one after another and her labor got really intense, really fast. It was time for the rally crew to head out of the room, except for both the Mama’s. Chanele had an incredible support system there for her while she was giving birth. Not just one, but TWO Mom’s who have been through childbirth before and know what you’re feeling and what you need. And Michael, who was absolutely incredible every step of the way. It was so beautiful to watch these two labor TOGETHER. So, so beautiful. From the time pitocin was administered, until baby Bodhi was born it was a total of 6 hours. It was an intense fast labor on a day filled with love. Bodhi was born with a true knot in his cord, a true rarity. He is one special little boy for sure, and I feel so privileged to have captured the day that he was born. Hope you enjoy some of my favorite photos from his birth story 🙂